Tattoos in Mayberry

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I want to gorge myself on lavish drink and fine food,
laughing til I spit with my dearest friends
in wildly expensive, Indian cafes,
planning high drama on low budget.

I want a lifetime achievement award

wherever I go for the rest of my life
I want everyone to
to stop what they're doing
and pay homage to me
I want the Queen of England slipping French truffles into my mouth
as she diligently licks the melted chocolate from her fingertips
I want to pose seductively while being sketched in the nude.
I want more people to "get me"
I want to be all the way in
with the "in" crowd
I want to be known
the world over
as care-free and connected,
intensely enigmatic
, quirky, though stable
 wildly  eccentric and,dangerously
  on the cutting edge
I want to be irresistably attractive
with 6-pack abs
I want to farm a large plantation sized tract
of fertile land as well as the use of your open lands to work
since you won't be working them.
in it's full capacity as I can
I want to celebrate Hannukah with a warm
well-adjusted extended Jewish family
I want Friday to land on the 13th of every month
I want more trees in the desert
more sand in the rainforest
I want to move immovable objects
I want the impossible dream to be probable
I want dogs who don't bark
and goes to the bathroom with the toilet seat up
while savoring whatever morsals I feed them.
I want it always to be two in the afternoon 
 the warmth of the Sun
on my face.
with the fish jumping
at low tide
while I slice falling coconuts
on the beach

I want great long dead
songsmiths and wordsmiths
to send me their unfinished master works
while I'm  asleep so I may 
finish them properly
 then share them with you.
I want never to forget my true passions
I want always to experience my best case scenario
and flat out refuse to work just to make money

I want an anti-gravitational device
When it's activated I'm lifted skyward
rising to the roof of tall sky scrapers
kicking back,with Rolling Rock Beer
enjoying my view,
from 100 stories high.
I want to make critically important
world-shaping decisions
with my ideas and your money
I want my own sovereign nation
I want to make fresh
sane laws for my new nation
I want to write and sing our new national song
I want to abolish the musical term "Anthem"
Conversely,"Anthem" the book
would be required reading for citizenship.
I want to enjoy full diplomatic immunity
shrouded in a cloak of invisibility while
traversing the globe for true trouble spots
To save our planet and  all it's
inhabitants  from further madness, and injustice.
I want to be on special assignment to neutralize all
enemies of the creative human spirit
then vanish into the night
under deep cover
amongst the Brooklyn Hassidic Community
code name  "M.C. Rabbi"
And I want to play Canasta and drink concord grape wine
with my long dead grandparents one more time
Ask me again
what I want
when the drugs wear off...

All publishing rights reserved as is by author
Buddy Bee Anthony

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