Beautiful Disaster

There is Something Angelic About Him

I often stare at the ceiling
Watching the fan spin
Wondering how I ended up
In the predicament I'm in
And then
He walks through the door
And I find peace
Unlike any I've felt before
Whether he quietly plucks
The strings of his guitar
Brings me a drink
Or washes my car
Whether he comes in
To reprimand
Or to show me
His new “favorite” band
Whether he dries my tears
And calms me down
Or tells me jokes
To chase away my frown
He is my reason for living
My incentive to endure
Child-like and playful
Wise and mature
He's my hero
In every way
He saves me
Every day
Sure, we have our differences
We don't always get along
But when I'm weak
He's my strong
And I'm sure I'm not
As nice as I should be
And I'm sure sometimes
He doesn't really like me
I always try to protect him
But he's protecting me
And sometimes his harsh words
Are of necessity
I'm naive
When it comes to life
He's oblivious
When it comes to strife
And so I teach him
To open his eyes
And he teaches me
How to avoid demise
And when I struggle
To see the positive side
He serves as
My optimistic guide
He teaches me
How to be street-wise
I edit his papers
Re-read, and revise
He's always been
My baby brother
And I am often accused
Of playing “mother”
But I remember
Listening to them fight
Wiping away tears
And holding him tight
I pray for his discernment
To make the right choices
And I have faith that he'll ignore
Those urging voices
And I know he'll fight
And I know he'll fall
But he'll get back up
And win once and for all
So as I sit here
Watching the fan spin
I realize there is something
In his eyes, in his grin
There is something
Angelic about him

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