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The Prairie Wind

I am the prairie wind, scattering rich
glacial soils that settle in...
forming the prairie, making her whole.
Filling the spaces where deep whispering grasses
are sowing their souls.
Skimming the wetlands and setting
the cattail's sails,
then parting the paths
that lead to the buffalo trails.
I rise high into blustery winter nights,
dancing with flickering shadows of
the Northern Lights.
I'm secure within a wild unabandoned joy...
knowing full well I'll never be another's toy.
The swaying prairie rose and the bobbing bee,
cannot resist a need to bow and mimick me.
I am the shimmering wave
combing the broad prairie seas,
from beginning to end carressing all creatures
then setting them free.

Meloo/Melissa A. Howells Copyright 2004
From a Midwestern Girl to all the Indian Nations

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The Prairie Wind