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 Yoga  Part 9

Once again I came to my mat;
In the meditation pose I sat.
Moving into my warm up pose,
Gently my body opens my toes.
Spread out creating a very wide base,
As peace shines across my face.

Into the warrior series I now move,
Across my back it does now sooth.
Moving into the balance of the tree;
Reaching deep into the depths of me.
Back to the floor and the downward dog,
Into a headstand then to clear the fog.

Now into the back bend of the sphinx;
Unwinding my spine, chasing the kinks,
Then forward bend, hands on the floor;
Stretching my hams and so much more.
Now spreading apart my legs so wide,
Bending forward reaching to the  side.

Some spine twists and then into the bow,
I am moving with the moment into the flow.
Now time for the relaxation pose is here;
I stretch out on my back, resting without fear.
Finally to the meditation pose from where I began;
After an hour of yoga, I feel like a new man.


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