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 Rhythmic Thoughts

I have wondered about this recent outflowing of words pouring onto the keyboard.
I wonder where this has been hiding for the first fifty five years of my life.
I can remember only one occasions in my life when it flowed, but was short lived;
A burst of potent feelings, creating the picture of the reality within my soul.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.

I have wondered what was the key that unlocked the floodgates to my soul's voice,
As a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings from somewhere within desire to be expressed.
Strange, I have found that some do not have an internal source from my own personal life;
As weird as it might sound, it is some type of connection to a pool of life outside of myself.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.

The emotions that these words create within me resonate deep within my soul,
Having such a sense of connection with some other intelligence when writing.
I marvel about the union of my soul unbounded, touching some greater force from beyond;
That eternal life form that is within us all that desires to be expressed through our lives.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.

Sometimes I try and control the flow into a more standard, recognizable form.
When I try to stay with rhyme and meter or the rules of poetry or prose,
It's apparent that the processes power wanes if I become too controlling.
The words become empty though maybe prettier, the power has been withdrawn.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.

As long as I am inspired to write,I seek to stay in tune vibrating to this force.
The power of my soul now has a voice when I step aside and allow the purifying flow.
I feel healing from the depths of my being as the words pour forth on this page;
I smile and wonder aloud, ‘where has this been hiding all these years', then I ask ‘why now?'
It's only rhythmic thoughts.

It's not poetry, or writings, or prose;
But I am thankful for what it is.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.
It's only rhythmic thoughts.


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