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When our hands touch, a surge of excitement sweeps over me;
Submersing me in a delightful fantasy of romance under the moon.
The energy passes from your soul to mine as we resonate together,
I look into your eyes in wonderment,  sparks fly; you are so electric.

When we stand several feet apart side by side, the spark leaps
Across the void between our bodies bringing a sensation of desire.
Wishing to draw you closer, though this is not the time or place;
Seeking a darkened hideaway to kiss your lips; you are so electric.

When we are alone, the night is illuminated by the forces within you;
Pulling me into orbit as your moon to reflect your beauty and radiance.
I honor you, my angel of light; I bring my everything to lay at your feet.
I become a schoolboy once again, forever young;  you are so electric.

Short circuiting the brain's warnings; jumping into sensual fantasies;
I am your husband, my dear; loyal, brave, and virile; for your service.
Timeless, yet ticking, is this bomb about to explode within my very soul;
Arching across time and space, welding our destiny;  you are so electric.


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