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 O C

Orange Cat began hanging around back in late summer;
He has slowly eased his way into our hearts and our home.
Boo will have nothing to do with this stray from parts unknown,
So we opened our shed to OC when the weather got colder.

He appreciates the food and the milk with unbridled abandon,
His purrs resounding across the yard when either of us  approach.
His affection  he showers on us whenever he has the opportunity,
As winter's cold got harsher, the garage has became OC's new home.

Boo's jealousy is almost humorous as she knows that OC is there;
This is her domain and we are her people, she doesn't wish to share.
But I look out into the garage and see the orange cat sleeping peacefully;
As he has found a new home, yes, we have now become his people too.

I wonder about destiny,  the times this summer I tried to chase this stray off,
As we had to stop feeding the squirrels and birds in the backyard.
Because unlike Boo, OC is an adept hunter as his survival necessitated;
The squirrels and birds can now rest easy, OC now has a home.

Sherrie's heart went out to him first as his meows tugged at her heart;
She took a bowl of dry food out for him and then the cat knew he had a home.
He still likes to wander the neighborhood, he seems to love being a frisky pest;
But come supper time OC returns to his new people to share their home.


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