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 The Faith of a Child

We live our lives, day after day, becoming reasonable adults;
Becoming  jaded by life's disappointments and trials results.
Looking up into the heavens on days like today and pondering;
Questioning the reality behind the Book, my faith is wandering.

I remember all those prayers I had lifted up throughout the years;
I remember death, I remember sickness, I remember all the tears.
Feeling completely drained of any divine touch upon my world;
The resilient banner of faith in my life isn't flying high and unfurled.

Floating down from the heavens, a small feather lands on my nose;
My spine tingles slightly, then the seed of renewed faith grows.
In my hour of need today, the heavens opened up and smiled;
Bringing me back again, restoring my soul with the faith of a child.

Once again, I now believe that miracles happen at God's direction;
I look up to God with faith asking for healing and His protection.
No longer am I stressed, no longer am I in fear, my soul feels mild;
For once again I have come to my Lord with the faith of a child.


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