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I have attempted to go the way without meat,
Not wanting to eat our animal friends flesh.
I did fine in the roll of vegetarian for a while.
But then I began to wonder why,
Why is animal life the only that I absolve?
I share this earth with the plants and their fruit.
Are they not the same as animals in universal eyes?
Why have I chosen animals to be more important?

Do not the plants of this universe have a soul?
Maybe they can't move like us or speak or think,
But don't plants have an intelligence within?
Maybe because animals are cute and furry,
Or because their hearts beat like ours,
That I decide that they are more pure for my body.
It is nutrition to my body, but is it good for my soul?
As judgment of the creation has crept into my mind.

Maybe I am grasping at straws, reaching for an excuse
To taste once again the meat of the flesh of an animal.
Perhaps I want to justify my hunger for pigs, chickens, and cows.
Does this logic hold up within my soul, or is it of my desire?
The creation before me I will take for nutrition not for lust,
As the food for my body must be only for my survival.
I do ask,  if the soil could give us the nutrition that my body needs,
Would I become a soiletarian and only eat dirt.


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