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One of the signs of the coming of the hour:
Women imitating men and men imitating women,

Dudes dressed in hijab and niqab...
as they shoot, kill and rob,
"Drag Kings" doing their thing...
Timberland boots adorn their feet...
As they promenade and strut on 52nd street,
Across town on the Ave... they get down
To be down in G-Town,

The one in niqab... refuse'n to return salaams
to the one observing hijab,
Talk'n bout be'n on the hock
Seems more like they're on pigs meat...
Ham... or some kinda spiritual Spam...
The Ham Hock... something akin to spiritual swine,
Has it corrupted your soul?
Has it warped your mind?
What motivates you to be so mean?
Are you crazy?
Who instructed you in Deen,
Students of knowledge,
Drop outs from Wahabi College?
Was it the Big Three...
The diabolical Trinity of Shaykhs?
Imam Uncle Remus, Hafiz Ham Hock,
Shaykh Uncle Ruckus, and
Shaykh Khalid Greens,

This is the time to get real,
Life is a one shot deal,
We don't get a second chance,
Islam isn't about wear'n high water pants,
Or, grow'n long jew like beards,
Are you crazy?

Life is a serious test!
Stop Takfir'n Ahlil Sunnah,
Search'n for reasons to berate,
Do you ponder or contemplate
As you disseminate all that Wahabi hate,
Are you crazy?

What you think'n?
Are you think'n?
Can you think?

Can you answer me now?
Or, do I have wait...
Until you Call Over Seas
To consult a Shaykh?

Shake a boom... shake a boom boom...
Shake a boom boom boom

What do I see on the horizen?
Pants like the tides,
High water rise'n,
You must be jive'n,
Are you Vibe'n... Five'n
Paying the Zakaat?
Or, just get'n high... rob'n?
Shoot'n that gat? Criminal "Op"...
Kill'n them cops,

Is that what your Shaykhs tell you it's all about?

Shake a boom, Shake a boom boom...
Shake a boom boom boom

Life is a serious test!
Life is a serious test!
Life is a serious test!
Life is a one shot deal,
We don't get a second chance,

Abu Lateef

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