a kind of victory -11th november 2005

a near lifetime
since that peace
sixty years
since the release
from that war
that shook the world
they parade
banners unfurled
those old old men
who gave their youth
in pursuit
of a kind of truth
until the battle won
and peace restored
they received
their reward
that land fit for heroes
for which they fought
for which they died
came to naught
the same snouts
still feed the best
get to the trough
before the rest
and once a year
with their suits and tie
wear the flander's poppy
pretending to know why
and they assume
the right attitudes
and they mutter
very apt platitudes
and those old old men
just for that day
recapture  their youth
then modestly slip away
and next year
for those who care
even fewer
will be there

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a kind of victory -11th november 2005

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