The feet of Rain

The feet of Rain
Thanjavur Kavi Rayar
(Kalki 5-4-2009 )

Translated in to English


When the rain comes , suddenly with a song,,
You close all the windows  of your home speedily,
And you start searching for Umbrellas
Throughout the house, in nooks and corners,
You rush here and there, if you are outside,
For a place where rain's drizzles will not reach.

Would you do this , if your loving,
Uncles, aunts and cousins come from far off?
Would you not drench yourselves,
In the rain of their love again and again?

Rain is the symbol of the pardon,
Of  God  for the sins of men

People need  not apply rain water and mud,
And dance in the streets , when it rains,
But please understand that the rain drop is not a ghost,
But is the feet of rain.
Hold it on your head like all the plants and trees do ,
And do not forget to get the blessings,
Of the gorgeous and godly feet of rain.

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The feet of Rain

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