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The Addiction

Dedicated to fighting the constant battles over nicotine....

I'm the first thing she craves in the morning
I'm the last to bid her goodnight
I'm the one that calms and soothes her
When it seems her whole world isn't right

I'm the stability she finds in the madness
Though without me she starts to quake
I'm the rainbow that covers her sadness
I'm the wall that builds with her ache

It could be a year or then some and....
She'll still crave me over time
I feel as if I have super powers
For I am the rock planted in her mind

I laugh as she takes one more haul
A constant companion there by her side
Yet with my embrace, she regrets me
As she thinks of the poison inside

As soothing and calming as I am
She begs the heavens to take me away
I am nicotine, I am a cigarette
With each breath I take her life away


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The Addiction