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A Day In The Life

I cook turkey, potatoes...and so much more
32 years until retirement and my bones are sore
As the hour strikes 3, my eyes fix on the door
My feet just a begging to run 'cross the floor

I'm sticky, I'm covered, I'm just a mess
A day in the life, this is culinary stress
With a spatula in the air, I send my S.O.S.
Won't somebody help me, I'm only a chef

Do dishes, rub silver, need to make it shine
Keep the oven at 350, got to have the order on time
A shot of bourbon gone missing, feeling quite fine
I applied for what job? Am I out of my mind?

We've got fishes on Friday...they give me a scare
A tomato still rolling, how'd that get down there?
I ask for a raise, I think it's quite fair
To recover lost wages, replacing my ripped out hair

3:30, still early, I'm calling it a day
No more slave labor for these curds and whey
I stash all my knives, put my spices away
Knowing I'll be back to my own Hell's kitchen...
The very next day


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A Day In The Life