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 Wild Thoughts

A stray thought escapes the capacity of my control;
Powerfully free, outside my dominion and my grasp.
Escape velocity is reached as it's launch is complete;
Racing into the darkness of space is a wild thought.

In a capsule for protection from the elements of space,
No destination, shouting into the depths of the universe.
Waiting to see if anyone or  if anything at all answers,
In cyberspace's vehicle at poetrypoem is my wild thought.

Random feed backs from parts unknown, I do hear,
Honest assessments of my thoughts are received.
Without this reverberation, I shout into a vast void,
Within the emptiness of the lonely soul; wild thoughts.

I now have confidence to allow my words the freedom,
Reaching into the vastness without any control from me.
I am free to seek the answers to the questions on my heart,
As my poetry reaches out into God's creation; wild thoughts.


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