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 Yoga  part  15

The fresh point of view gained on my  mat;
My body, mind, and soul's union no longer fall flat.
I now see my pitcher of lemonade as half full;
As negativity looses some of it's  draining pull.
Don't get me wrong, I welcome more, if it comes;
But I am satisfied with what I have, it is not crumbs.
Yoga brings this prospective as I move to my edge;
Never rushing into it and challenge it like a ledge.

Gentle sweeping moves of thankfulness and grace;
My inner turmoil is leaves, with peace it does replace.
This is not a competition, an exercise, not ever a sport;
As into a new peace am I brought by yoga's escort.
Such a comfort, a release, my breath becomes easy;
I am brought to the high hills, the fresh air is breezy.
Peace reigns, as union is manifested on my mat;
Stress, fuss, and worry does my practice combat.


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