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Vanity Is Vanity

Vanity is Vanity, it'll ride you to hell,
Bury you in the dirt where arrogance men fell
when they put their faith in their foolish needs
Why are you constantly looking for the mirrorÖ
†† Is it time to feed
†† this vanity?

Decisions are always tougher when temptation's around
You keep looking to the skies
but the ground got you bound
††in the sins of the sea

Fantasies always rain down glories stories
††of vigor and power
The salt and sugar are sprinkled every hour
Upon the bitter and sweet tower
††of destiny,
This dark greed has sad my flower
The sun has gotten harsher
and the rain has turned sour
that rise from the sea
Why must you keep pouring your heart
†into vanity?
Haven't the world cried enough?
The calm water are hell when the seas turn rough
††and you set your heart in the skies
Vanity is vanity,
††it keeps telling you lies††

Copyrights 2009
Robert Anthony James

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Vanity Is Vanity