Poems for Lovers and Sinners 
  Oliver Plaice

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  Don't upset me...I dare you -

  don't call me names - I warn you

  for if you knew my name  - Ha Ha...

  you'd hide in a thousand places -

  But I can find you wherever you are

  there's no hiding place from me

  you have to respect me and give all

  or your soul will be wasted against the wall -

  Don't you see I'm everywhere, seeing all you do

  day and night stalking the innocents and the baddies too

  wanting what they've got to give up to me for free

  I've been around for three thousand years
  wanting more than him, you break the rules and your vows

               then you have your sin

  I can give you riches beyond believe, just come and give all to me

  all I want is you and what  you've got

  You don't need it any more...let me buy it from you just sign here in blood

              Give it me for free -

                 YOUR SOUL..HA HA HA


Written 12 April 2009
Copywriter B.R.Walker

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