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Have We Not A Great Planet

I was once well off our Planet in it's prime,
activity was bustling, tourism, immigration,
our way of life was fit for Kings, Queens all that time,
We had family, schools, churches, United Nations,
courthouses, green forests, many places to dine...
words like, hunger, poverty never came to mine,

We were a Planet of beauty, respected never any crime,
when our children went out to play, the choice ours,
this would be to stay at home or to go so far away, anytime
We could protect ourselves, our Planet, fallin' stars...
deflected, preserve human life, all creatures, resources...
We were a Great Blue Planet, we expected to resist age, time

We remember all the plans our people made, not some
Rebuilding homes, united workforce and Global relationships...
were all so awesome...
For those we love and whose time has come...
were placed in the ground, we cared for our sick,
elderly folk, our new born, everyone else was young...
We are a Great Great Planet and will achieve, bring back
this beloved old Earth to normal life, that is a fact...

Our people will not live in, caves, our streets or parkin' lots
World hunger no more, housein' for all, we will...
return trash to treasure, water pure, clean air, fix what will not rot
Our food resource, clothing, education will be restored, still
History will record...

Inhabitants are controlled, steadfast, finiancial traders,
with assistence from our Global Neighbors, too
restore this earth, all Great Nations, all that labor...
for mother earth, will live well, as one global community to
co-ordinate these efforts, enable humanity to servive, solar...
catsatrophy, our laboring for Global conservation will be hard,
Our will is to get all we have lost back, is our choice, forefathered

We are the children, our Father's Globe, you're readin' about...
That one on our TV, PC, That one on everyone's mind...
We all will however enjoy in our final pride, surmount
This fact in kind...

"We, the Great Inhabitants of this Great! Great Planet...
Will and truly survive...Hear our global-united children's Voice!"

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