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 Ordering Online

The story I am about to share is true
I can partly laugh as I retell it to you
We all may have similar experiences
To at least some degree or variance

I recently ordered a product online
To help allergies I had for a long time
A personal air purifier that you wear
Battery run, goes almost anywhere

Four days later I receive an email
It had just shipped via USPS mail
Tracking the order, I was not able
It said delivery date unavailable

I took for granted what the ad said
The 3-4 days was eight days instead
It must be the time for ground freight
I was so anxious, not wanting to wait

It came with very few instructions
Basic cleaning and introductions
To charge and install the battery
With warnings as precautionary

The unit had two slots on each side
For the strap with loops to fit inside
I gave up trying to connect the strap
My co-worker had it done in a snap

There are lessons we all can learn
To not get frustrated at every turn
Be patient and take life as it comes
People will help us find an outcome

Even without an immediate solution
God will lead until there is resolution
We have His promise He never forsakes
He provides our needs whatever it takes

Carol Salter 4/22/09

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