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 Crossing Paths

Today, I met a beautiful soul at the YMCA while working out;
A stranger across the workout area, her smile became a shout.
When we began to talk, I thought that she was someone I once met;
But no, I know that someone like her I would never ever forget.

Our lives had not crossed in this life until today at the gym;
Yet… there was something in her eyes… the memory was dim.
Instantly, we talked freely with depth of poetry, life, and time;
Bubbling up from my soul was a memory from somewhere sublime.

I never could put my finger on it, yet it was as real as my hand;
There are some matters of the soul we just don't understand.
My mood was brightened by meeting her today, she is a delight;
From the edge of this perception, I am motivated to sit here and write.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, as Shakespeare once said;
Then I have met her soul before, in some time before or time ahead.
Presence of a linear time line only marks the days of our mortal flesh;
But the soul lives in the eternal moment, here is were our lives did mesh.


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