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 The Gift of the Now

Through yoga and meditation I am being introduced into a concept;
That of the eternal present moment, or more simply stated, the now.
This is an idea that within my mind is reasonable and worthy of exploration;
But in another way, it is only a pipe dream, unreachable, without reality.

My mind must release its incessant chatter to release me into this moment,
As only when  there is quiet within can I reach out and grasp the now.
But this is where the difficulty exists, in that my mind will not be silent,
As it constantly talks through the past interpretations and future projections.

The mind seems to need to control things in order to prove its own validity;
As my history and my future are contained within its mighty domain.
To silence this will diminish who I truly am as its judgments protect me,
As the memories comfort me, and the future inspires me; I need my mind

Or does this keep me dwelling in some foggy mental arena not truly alive?
All that there ever was, or all that will ever be are all contained in the now.
For it is where life is, where God reaches out to us through this veil;
As I come into this moment I surrender, I experience what is now.

As I gently reach deeper into this exploration I receive the gift of peace;
For the white noise of the mind deafens me to the beauty of the stillness.
Gently my body relaxes and releases the tension, then I enter unity;
Now I am in that precious moment of the now, I am vividly  and fully alive.

Time slips away in this realm, as its meaning floats away with the breeze;
The now is now all that there is, all that there was, all that will ever be.
It is here that I sense that union with the One that has created it all;
I am so thankful for receiving, then entering; it is the gift of the now.


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