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TWENTY - Part the First

Psixpence is a contemporary of mine: a dear poetic friend, and occasional adversary when we indulge in poetic duels. I managed to persuade her to join me in a modern love story, to date a happy tale, but who knows. Thank you Penny.

I was in my pulling suit
My very best bits of gear
Eyeing up the field
And trying not to leer
When this very tasty piece
This ten scoring bird
Emerged from the crowd
As I just stood and stared

I was out with the girls
For a night on the town
You know the sort of thing,
Dancing round your handbag
Mini skirt and lots of bling,
When this tasty looking lad
Gave me such a stare
I pretended not to notice
As I flicked my long, blonde hair.

A gorgeous looking blonde
An absolute stunning cracker
Better use a bit of suave
In just how I attack her
So I tapped her on the arm
Said there's couples here a plenty
But there's only you and me babe
That scores a perfect twenty

Well he walked up bold as brass
With a cheeky chat up line
It was obvious he was thinking
‘This chick will soon be mine'
But it wouldn't do to let him know
I fancied him like mad,
And so I just said ‘do one -
You're really flippin' sad'!

Really great reception
Her eyes showed I'd scored
No real need to return
To the old drawing board
I said I love a feisty bird
Slipping arm around her waist
Said lets go somewhere quiet
To discuss our mutual good taste

My show of cold hostility
Didn't have him fooled
And as he moved in closer
My mates all grinned ‘you've pulled!'
I said ‘hey you, I'm not easy,
No matter what you think,
And I'm not going anywhere,
But you can buy me a drink'

We walked to a quieter corner
Where I hoped no one would hear
' cos with such a first class pull
Didn't want my mates to interfere
I said until I saw you girl
I didn't know that I was ready
Say the word yes babe and lets
You and me try going steady

I wasn't sure he meant it
Or if it was just a line
When he asked me to go steady
But I certainly felt fine,
I sort of shrugged, ‘O.K. then,
But don't you get ideas!'
I didn't know if it would last
For days, or months, or years.

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