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 Shifting Gears

My life has been driven into the deep mud and I am stuck;
As I try and go on, I dig in deeper sliding back into the ruts.
I am about ready to give up hope, but is this what I want?
I'm shifting gears into a fuller life empowered by joy.

The ruts are getting deeper, I'm buried up to the axle;
What now, I wonder; Am I forced to be miserable?
Or is their a way out of this muck and slime that surrounds me?
I am shifting gears and I try again;  there is some movement.

No, I cannot get out all by myself, I will need my friends help;
They wench me out inch by inch, as the low gears dig for traction.
The ruts are behind me and the mud is thinning, I can see the sun;
After shifting gears and with my friends assistance, I'm back on dry soil.

Filthy from the mud, I drip all over this new dry ground that I now rest on;
It's time to clean up the undercarriage as well as the parts that are seen.
I look at the trap behind me to remember how I got stuck in that awful place;
But now I'm shifting gears reaching out in the fast lane again.

The power of that mud sucked the life out of my soul yesterday;
Not that life changed today so much, but just my desire to be free.
Thank you to my friends  for the helping hand and their wench;
I am shifting gears leaving the sadness of that place behind me.

I'm shifting gears and racing my engine;
I'm a finely tuned high performance machine.
The race is on and I'm back on the lead lap;
I'm shifting gears and driving hard, looking for victory lane.


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