Francis and Catherine

                Francis and Catherine   April 25, 2009

Francis and Catherine If I could ask why
If you were with us to day I'd love you to try
You left home in poverty with your loving young wife
You entered a new land with bigotry and strife
Francis and Catherine the blame is not you
It was bad at home, you did the best that you knew
I want to go back to the place you were born
The chapel you were married, the little stone church
To see where you suffered and then said goodbye
I have a hunger for Ireland, that's why I ask why
Francis and Catherine we never cuddled and kissed
My loving grandparents your love I have missed
I'll make it soon to Ireland, to the place that I miss
When I get there, the holy ground, I'll give it a kiss

                  Gerrard McGeachy

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