The job counselor: no, I haven't anything for you today.
There is nothing to placate him.
Because there is nothing.
You learn the logic of that quickly.
Sorry it's not there needs no follow-up.
The implacable parent, the implacable teacher,
the implacable social worker.
Yet, I'm so willing to appease.
I'll buy a pizza for the most difficult of appetites.
People wanting, people pushing,
people negotiating.
Therefore I teach myself that "placate" is desire.
If I want something so badly,
not stopping,
I press and plead,
leading to the implacable.
Peter is fighting with the store manager,
over a return,
too much yelling,
the reason is inflexible,
no debate needed.
Both are implacable.
Peter didn't take "no" for an answer.
What is a parent implacable about?
His or her authority.
The parent,
sympathetic as a priest,
yet implacable in some regard,
urges that rules must be obeyed.
And so they must.
Rail at fate,
rail at the guidepost, the touchstone,
because the implacable must be obeyed.

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