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 Lavender Haze

Long hours and little sleep has taken the toll on my body;
I'm so tired, that I don't even feel like being a little naughty.
Fourteen night twelve's capped today by a twenty hour shift;
Leaves my mind in a lavender haze, my body feels like it's adrift.

Through it all, though, my soul stays anchored in a protected bay;
Like working with a net, as my mind and body were kept everyday.
The soul allows the beauty of the lavender haze to burn through;
Bringing my body and my mind into a unity of a creation that is new.

I need some sleep, some needed R & R, and a big helping of peace;
But I am renewed within, this yoga has given my life a new lease.
Sleep rushes into my foggy mind as I write these words on this page;
The lavender haze fills me with a beautiful waterfall as my wage.

Poetry flows from a source other than my cloudy mind's thought;
As from deep within my soul, my whole body is being taught.
I have drifted off twice while at the keyboard into a dreamy daze;
But I am tugged back into complete unity by that lavender haze.


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