ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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In 2001 the US President and the FBI added
Ben-Ladin, to its list of MOST WANTED...
Then and there their former ally became hunted,
After a short while without being given a trial,
2002... 2003... Osama is still free,
As the Media Madden Mob shouted,
As the victims family members cried and pouted,
We want him DEAD not ALIVE,
These are the facts and nobody doubts it,
A New year has arrived... and it's 2009 and still,
No One has been able to find Osama,
Waging war from Afghanistan and into Iraq
A campaign of Awe and Shock...
ameriKKKa's moral compass has become like
A broken clock,
Useless and incapable of telling time or predicting Future drama,
A New Year has arrived... it is 2009 and still,
No one has been able to find Osama,
Into the fray, for eight years hoping to stay,
Strolls in Barak Hussein Obama...
Inaugural parades, accolades and worldwide praise,
Raising the hopes and aspirations
Of many People in many nations,
After an escape from the field,
A runaway slave is in Charge of the Ku Klux Plantation,
Against all odds he has ascended to ameriKKK's highest political station,
Saddam, his sons and a million Iraqi citizens lie dead,
Barak carries out murderous raids in Afghanistan and Pakistan
And who really knows what goes on inside the head,
Of president Barak Hussein Obama,
As the fire of Hell he fans... by continuing
Bush and Cheney's carnage of Muslim land,
Only in office for 100 days he has slain
Thousands more than Jeffery Dahmer
And still... no one has found Osama.

Abu Lateef

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