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If every color looks good with black
Then any color will look good on me
Because I am Black and free,
Free to be me...
Free like the rainbow that I see...
Free to be like a Robin or Peacock
Or like the Flamingo in flock
At Lake Nakuru,
I dress like me...
I don't imitate you,
Suppose every flower was black,
Andt the color of leaves 
Hugging fall trees...
Every color but black
The spice of life would be null
All vision would be rendered dull
And as meaningless
As an empty hull
Like a crow or raven,
Black is not my dress...
Black is who I am,
I will keep styling my colors
And will not abate,
No one can define or dictate
My fashion taste or
What colors I embrace .
If every color looks good with black
Then any Color looks good on me...
There are many colors
Not just white and black,
I wear my colors like an Afro-Asiatic...
Colorful is what I am yall...
Like the Wolof of Senegal,
Love my reds just like the Masai,
Like my colors when
They blend into a tie dye,
Suppose every flower was black,
And the leaves on fall trees
All lacked...
Wouldn't vision be
A dull thing my brother?
Imagine the ocean turning
From blue to black
And that
The Sun stop burning 
Churning out light
You would become a bewildered fellow,
Now that black
Has replaced the Sun's yellow
I preach free speech and I say to any
Whom this may reach,
Be careful of what some teacherst teach,
Raise your voice
And make known your choice,
Be fashion free… 
We need no fashion slave Masters
Intructing us on the colors we should wear
Or suggesting bleach our skin
Or fry strajght our hair,
Not to pick a bone
But just to make it known,
I won't ride on the back of a camel
Having once ridden on the back of the bus,
We've come too far,
Our choices are ours to make,
Not that of some fasion Shaykh
Our voices will speak our choices,
It is not in man that we believe,
It is in Allah we trust,
Leave our choice of colors to us,
Won't be tied and fettered
To fabric bleached white or dyed black...
I wear my colors like an Asiatic Black.


Abu Lateef


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