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Some are better at it than others, paradise lies
At the foot of mothers, they must be supported by
Fathers my brothers... Motherhood has become a mystery
Seized upon by capitalist vultures and turned into
An industry, motherhood and fatherhood ain't no mystery
We must Investigate then duplicate our pre-colonial
Pre-slavery history, dropping your child off at a
"Child Control Containment Center"
Is like dropping them into a deep, dark, desolate hold
Were the kafireen corrupt their souls
Public school's goal ain't just about education... It is
About social control... For the poor no one cares
Caught up in the cross hair as politians double talk
Steal and double deal, housing projects resembling
Penitentiaries of the last century... made of concrete
And steel, prepubescent jails with cheerfully painted
Cubical holding cells... Containing juveniles soon to
while away their lives in an earthly hell… a jail cell
Well... regardless to what you've been told,
The public school systems goal is not just education...
It is about social control... Two, three, four and five years
Old... herded, corralled, cramped into day care centers
Stuffed into little cells… This is a real mind bender
Babies caught up in the blender of profiteers
Products of the booming child care racket
Motherhood has become a mystery, preyed upon by
Capitalist vultures and turned into an industry
Everybody makes a dollar, while you're at work mama
Can you hear your baby holler? Do you care?
Got to make that dollar to pay for your fake nails and hail
In a few years where will you get the money to pay that bail
Dropping your child off at a Child Control Containment Center
Is like dropping them into a deep, dark, desolate hold
Designed to corrupt their souls
Public school's goal is not just education
It is about social control
Marry real Muslim men and stop having babies who
Are sired by irresponsible boys
Deen up, woman up, Mother up
Brothers, marry righteous Muslim women not spaced
Out western minded little girls
Prison life is no "rite of passage" for our boys
Wise up, babies and toddlers ain't toys

Abu Lateef


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