I do not want to be a man
I want to hold his hand
Let him lay his head
Upon my breast
Put my ear to his chest
Hear the lub-dub of his heart
That's the way I want to start
Each dark long cold night
In his bed
As for half a year he's right
In this head

Silly crazy simple girl
You cast your line across the world
While is is young
You are older
Silver love while he is golder
Than all the men
And if he does not want you there
In poems you continued to care
You send him words your life
If he marries another you'll be happy too
Because his smile is what you like to be
Whether for you or another she
That's what the fate of love defines
You love him all times
And if he finds a wife
To give him offspring
You still give love that brings
Your thoughts to his eyes as
Your want will climb
To sapphire skies
Where sun will shine for one so dumb
Who let him go so he could know
The love of a lifetime
Even if it's hers not mine.

2/24/2009 0307 cj

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