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The Mummy

Ancient kings and priest of yore,
Guarding treasures of forgotten lore.
With unearthly might and stone hard skin,
Entombed alive by reverent kin.

Surrounded by priceless relics of gold,
Thoughts turn to vengeance as hearts grow cold.
In bitter loneliness they patiently await,
Cursing their ghastly, hideous fate.

Bound in dusty, moldering rags;
Vital organs removed by hags.
They vowed to guard throughout the ages;
Now those vows have become their cages.

Undying loyalty produced that vow;
What use are words and promises now?
Eternal life was to be their reward;
Now nothing can sever that vital cord.

Forever alive, yet forever alone;
No changing of mind, no means to atone.
Empty reward, a curse, not a boon;
Never again to see sunlight or moon.

Then one day, the silence is shattered
As treasures are stolen, dusty bones scattered.
Foolish mortals to invoke the ancient vow;
Who can hope to protect you now?

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