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My Final Poem

Life has fled from this mortal form;
No more will I bask in sunlight warm.
Bitter cold will freeze me not,
As this useless body is left to rot.

Free at last from prison of clay,
I'll soar into the breaking day.
What marvels I'll see, what wonders share
With kindred who await me there!

Some think this life a stage upon which to act;
Still others search for useless fact.
I see life as no more than a boring game;
Its pleasures too brief, its thrills too tame.

Now I am gone, and you remain,
To wonder if writers are ALL insane.
What ere you decide, oh reader fair,
Heed well these words, if you dare.

Live each day as best you can,
According to God's eternal plan.
For Life is brief, and Death is long;
So leave no regrets, and sing your song.

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My Final Poem



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