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My body is exhausted, my brain is fuzzy,
My muscles ache from deep inside the bone.
At work today I've been exposed to H2S,
Hydrogen Sulfide, attacker of the nerves.
Numbing the reflexes, dulling the senses,
My nose becomes immune to the stench.
Head is spinning, eyes are throbbing,
As the air pack protected me from the worst.
But before donning the face piece full of fresh air,
The slow attack of the gas lulled me to sleep.
Dreaming of hot grannies gone wild at the beach,
Dazed into a state of mindless thought.
The present moment escapes from the deadly odor;
Hiding in the corner, begging for me to not breathe.
Assaulting me from without working its way in,
Into my blood stream, into my cells, into my atoms.
How many minutes of my life did I loose today?
I wonder if the money is worth the chance?
As H2S infiltrates my very soul today.
I am listless, looking into the mirror, I feel old.
Workouts today fall into oblivion of energy loss;
My arms just want to hang freely, without movement.
My entire body screams for sleep, for stillness;
Just another day in the salt mines, just another day.


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