Beautiful Disaster

The Mighty Oak Was Once A Young Sapling

As she scans her serene surroundings, her eyes fall upon a tall and mighty oak.  
As she continues to examine its weathered and worn exterior
Her mind wanders back to a fragile sapling
Freshly planted
Carefully put in the ground
Soil softly patted around it
So much potential
So innocent
So oblivious
Each day she gets a healthy drink of water
Enough sun for healthy growth
Shaded by the surrounding oaks of the forest
Each one planted as a sapling with their own story to tell
All grown up now, providing an example
Role models for the saplings of the wood
When storms come
She bends but doesn't break
Unaware of what damage they may cause
And slowly but surely
She begins to grow

Several years later, a young tree
Finally beginning to ground herself
Digging her roots deep into the firm foundation
She thirsts for more sun, and reaches new heights to receive it.
But as she grows the scars begin to appear
From those earlier storms
Scars she never knew she had
Until they were exposed
And the winds can be so vicious
It would be so much easier
To fall and find rest
Cut down, thrown into a lumberyard and forgotten
She is just one tree, just one insignificant tree
There is a forest full of them
She questions her past and doubts her future
But she endures
Somehow she endures
Whether from the protection of the elder oaks
Or her firmly and faithfully grounded roots
She endures

And now stands a strong oak tree
So strongly grounded
That even the roughest storm
Couldn't knock her down
Past loves engraved
Scars from years before
Visible, but healing
Are forever with her
Not a hindrance but rather  a reminder
Of her capabilities and strengths
When  even when the sun shines down on her
And exposes all her flaws
She stands tall

 And one day
She will do great things
Whether she provides
Shelter from the storms,
Shade from the sun,
A secret hiding place,
Good and fresh fruits,
And she will continue to grow
Into the mighty oak
They always knew she would become.  

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