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They are not like me, nor can they be trusted.
I know their wicked thoughts, how for my blood they lusted.
They do not look like me, nor act the way I do.
Their speech I do not know, their skin's a different hue!

They say I'm prejudiced, but I know it can't be true.
They're foreigners I say, they're NOT like me and you!
Round 'em up, the red and black, brown and yellow too!
Put 'em with the other critters, in a great big zoo!

I never liked the Spaniard, the Italians, nor the French!
Why don't we nuke 'em one and all, that'll make 'em flinch!
Then you have those Englishmen, so dapper and so prim...
Pretending they're our allies; their fate will be as grim!

What to do about the rest, I'm really not quite sure.
So much to do, so little time, it's really quite a blur.
Now that I think about it, let's have a look at you...
You sound a little funny, something doesn't quite ring true!

I thought I heard a Texas twang, I hate those cowboy type!
And if you think I'm done, why, I've just begun to gripe!
Why can't all the world just try to be like me?
Then we'd do away with hate and war, and live in harmony...

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