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 Wind Chimes

A gentle breeze is blowing on this early May day;
It is a little muggy, rain is coming says the weatherman.
My patio door is open to the warm humid air outside;
I sit in the deck with my eyes closed, listening to the sounds.
Birds chirping in the trees can be heard, a barking dog,
A passing car, then the music from the wind chimes.

We have two hanging outside, each with a unique tone;
The breeze making music, nature is the composer.
I wonder if this is a random combination of sounds;
Or does nature herself construct the circumstances.
I listen even more intently, my heart becomes engulfed;
Sounds of beauty swirl within my soul, bringing me delight.

Then the breeze dies off for a moment, a stillness suddenly falls;
Total quiet for a few moments, I hear my heartbeat in my ears.
Gently, the breeze picks back up; the pitter patter of rain falls;
The orchestra in our yard performs for the neighborhood.
I wonder if anyone else is alert to this symphony of sounds;
Highlighted by the bell-like tones of the dancing wind chimes.


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