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 "Let it Be…"
Within the inner most depths of what you mean to me,
There isn't a way and I cannot think of how to explain things simply.
It's the way that you look at me when I am sleeping,
And to know that it is my heart that you are keeping.

Safe upon every day; I awaken to see you there with me,
Remaining true to one another I give myself unconditionally.
Be it that we may fuss and fight,
You must admit that when it comes down to it I acknowledge when you're right.

I listen to you with your infinite wisdom & knowledge,
Therefore, to you this is my pledge:
I will think before I speak,
So that my words when spoken do not appear to be harsh but submissive & meek.

I will think before I do,
This I will do so that you will see that I am utterly enamored by you.
I vow to only keep you in my heart,
This is something that I reiterate as you have been there from the start.

To release my pledge to the heavens above, I bow my head and pray:
Dear Lord, I ask for you to show us the way.
To let our hearts breath without effort or dismay,
I ask that we are shown the kindness of your love and offer to us a new day.

Where all of our worries and fears are a thing of the past,
With the new day brought upon us there will be no shadows that cast.
To help both of us in our times of need,
For it is our hearts that the Devil wants to turn and then bleed.

Bleed all the love and commitment that we have built,
Just as a cut flower that slowly dies, as it wilts.
I will be obedient to the word and it is this that I give my bond,
I will not allow the Devil to rise into power thus letting me be conned.

Conned into not seeing the truth that was given to me in life,
I know that this is why I was made to be his wife.
I love this man through and through,
With every day that may pass, I wake up thanking you.


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