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 "Old Times & New Beginnings…"
To his dearest child, these words that you read are meant to give some insight,
Into the life that the Lord has bestowed upon you with all his love and all his might.

To have the years of wisdom that is now tucked under your belt,
You still choose to extend the hand of kindness to those in need of help.

This is the time to be re-born and start a new beginning,
You can stop and look around but do not become dismayed by people's belittling.

There are those that cannot see or choose not to see,
Those are the souls in life that are sent to you by the powers that may be.

This is the time for you to rise and your words are to be spoken,
Speak from the heart so that the monotonous and hard shells can start to be broken.

Let the sun shine down upon you only to reflect your days of glory,
What the Lord has in store for you will surely not be a slighted story.

You've served him well throughout these years,
Managed to find lost souls that otherwise enslaved you vicariously to also shed some tears.

These tears were not of anger or any such nature of fear,
It is this you must know, so let it be made emphatically clear.

You touch all of those around you which includes both those lost and in the spirit,
It is felt in your touch and in your words they can hear it.

Your glow leads them to you and helps them find their way,
This is now your opportunity to assist in creating brand new days.

You have the clarity of sight and poised with the righteous voice,
It has been left up to you…so now it is your choice.

The choice that must be made is to accept the Lord's path,
To help conquer the demons that have made those suffer from the wrath.

The wrath of all mankind and the life you knew to forerun,
This is the abutting journey that cannot be undone.

May the 2nd semester of your life be of a grander scale than the first,
You are a gift of the spiritual realm created to remove the curse.

Let sunshine be the guide and let him lead your way,
Be it that he knows you're indebted for each and every day.

L.I.F.E. is in the meaning for it means Love Is For Eternity,
You have asked and now received, thus this is what your spirit has foreshadowed unto thee.

May God continue to bless you throughout the years of your journey,
To keep you safe, unharmed and forever without worry.


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