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 "The Days to Come"
Upon birth there is a great and overwhelming feeling,
At that time there is no understanding or a clear meaning.
Coming through life only to try and find the way,
Realizing the purpose and the promise of each day.

To know ones self is positively a must,
Just like to make a pie it requires a crust.
Throughout this journey called life one must observe and then learn,
As all things are not promised rather it is something one would earn.

To be trusted and in return to then trust is an opportunity that one should take,
It is upon this period of time that one should reflect upon the decisions that one would make.
To cast away doubt concerning those within your heart,
Although it can be a struggle it should be done from the start.

To reach within your self and see what God sees,
It's a miracle that all do not hear the cries and the pleas.
Acceptance is a gift from the heavens above,
The calmness of knowing that it's real and that it's love.

The promise of ones heart coupled with ones life,
It is this that pushes you forward to continue to strive.
Once you recognize you're self you will recognize others,
From those that appear to be friends and then those spiritual sisters and brothers.

Before you can love holy and faithfully true,
There are some steps you must be willing to commit yourself too.
One, love your self and all that you do,
Be proud of who you are and forgive the inner you.

Two, love those around you as you would want them to love you,
You will be surprised as people do recognize change as they see through the eyes of truth.
Three, make a promise to your self and to the Lord above,
That you will always show kindness and unconditional love.

If you follow these steps to find inner peace within your self,
Life, Love and Happiness will seek you for great wealth.
You will now be able to encompass all the joys that have begun,
For now is the new beginning where two can become one…


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