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 "Life and the ROOT"
Blind to the fact that one is unable to see
And thus one cannot figure out what is inside of thee.

It rages, it boils, and it is the root of all anger
If the devil had its way it would probably be a slayer.

To desecrate all that has will and is good,
The devil tries to do it just to prove that it could.

Do not be alarmed as this is a message from God,
Just bow ones head, close ones eyes, feel the weight as ones head starts to nod.

One does not recognize the root upon every day,
This is what the devil warrants upon its vision of prey.

Be embodied by the Lord and seek light in the truth,
Hold back in the ways of being uncouth.

The Lord created one to be here on this earth and in the light,
Not to shelter oneself in darkness and to keep out of site.

Be seen by the world as the Lord wants one to be seen,
Thus listening to the word of God one will find out what it means.

Seek salvation with every breath that the Lord allows one to take,
Be mindful of the decisions that one must inevitably make.

Each day one is blessed with the dawn of a new day,
The above is the key to existence for which one does pray.

Seek guidance through the love of a God that is ultimately forgiving,
As this is the power that he gives and why one is living.


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