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 "Seeds of Life"
Throughout ones journey in life one will encounter a mass of winding roads,
To include misfit beings of those who have lost their weary souls.
Traveling down these winding roads will give you the wisdom for which the Lord bestows,
Veering one into the light even when the darkness seems to have diminished ones goals.

Look into oneself and discover what the Lord has gifted unto thee,
Embrace ones gift and accept it regardless of whatever it may be.
The Lord has his reasons and one should not question what is a matter of fact,
One should utilize the gift in order to keep things in life fully in tact.

To thy own self be true, this is a statement advertently meant for one,
So that upon every instance, one will be aware of what has been done.
If one is true to thy self, one will be seen true by others as well.
Ones spirit truly cannot hide as it fears eternal damnation of being sent straight to hell.

Burning in a blaze of a heated afterlife,
This is what all attempt to avoid thus continuing to strive.
Do the Lord's work as to stay by his side,
I have shuttered many tears and will continuously do so with pride.

As I accept the gifts that the Lord has bestowed upon me,
I find out so much in life that resides inside of thee.
The gift of prophecy is abundantly gift number one,
It is this when the Lord speaks to me and one that cannot be undone.

The gift of feeling other's pain is clearly gift number two,
I will shutter some tears as I come across the ailments inside of you.
Every man, woman and child all possess a gift,
It is up to one to see the potential and let the spirit lift.

Lord, seek out those who need your help and provide guidance along the way,
I wait for your next endeavor upon each and every day.
To help those find their way or some particular need,
I vow to do my part by planting knowledge as the seed.


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