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 "Husband & Wife in 2008"
To be full of love is equal to having a fulfilled life,
I did not realize this upon the day of becoming your wife.
I dreamt of you often although I could not see your face,
Prior to being there, I desired to feel the warmth of your embrace.

Once I was there, I did not take all into consideration of what was to be expected,
I only focused on what I thought should be what I pre-selected.
In my doing so I did not complete all of your desires,
I ended up focusing in on things as such like using a pair of pliers.

I have reflected upon my actions and ask for your forgiveness,
It was not in my intentions to just do and then dismiss.
I will not continue to depict our life and I will accept all of your love as it is: LOVE,
I asked for the Lord to help me with this as I am looked down upon from the heavens above.

Going forward I hope that you will notice this very change inside of thee,
To show you that you are everything and that you mean the world to me.
Do not forget the graciousness that the Lord has instilled within the inner you,
You are the bare essence of what the Lord has presented to me of a life that is tried and true.

To be so sure that it is evident is the only hope that we have of fulfilling our goals in time,
I am yours and you are mine this is something that the world will be able to see as our love will always shine.
I know that things are not always apparent but our life is a matter of fact,
I look to you and you look to me but it's up to us to keep it in tact.

I will listen to you as I ask for you to listen to me,
To make a conscious effort in keeping the world out and just to let US be…
Vowing to respect each other always and loving each other not a second less than forever,
With the above in mind regarding our marriage, can we start a clean slate and commence our life's endeavor?

Love & Respect


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