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 "New Year's to come"
The New Year is definitely a time to start life anew,
To put all differences a side and not even think about being blue.

You are, have been and always will be the light of my life,
I am, have been and always will be ecstatic to be your wife.

We have been through many ups and downs,
Without any regret we still stand strong and hold our ground.

As one we must count on one another ‘til death do we part,
 Underneath it all it has been this way from the very start.

You for me and me for you,
Always together tried and true.

Intertwined as one from the beginning of our time,
‘Til death do we part that is what's well-defined within my mind.

Your spirit is etched deeply within in my mind, body and soul,
There is nothing within this world that could detour me from our goals.

The goal of living our life with truth, respect and love,
Nor do we condone personal intrusion into our sacred world given from the heavens above.

The depth of our world is not one that all can enter,
Those on the outside cannot become part of the center.

For the center is within us, just you and I,
It will remain this way until the day that I die.

But even in death I will remain by your side,
To watch over you as an angel let there be no disguise.

Lord, hear me on this day,
That this love of ours be given the greatness to display.

To show those who surround us how the world is supposed to be,
I know that's why you brought him and giveth him to me.


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