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 "A Foreordained Union"
To the most prodigious man who ever walked this earth,
I'd been apprehensive and anxious for your emergence since the inception of my birth.

You make everything in my world respectable, sufficient and right,
I have known this from my first glance of you in the mist of my sight.

I know the Lord brought you to me, a predestined soul mate,
Realize that all do not believe in an imminent fate.

I tend to ponder and contemplate on all that could be,
Knowing the Lord wanted you to unveil every bit of it to me.

In the eyes of this soul and in this day in time you are more than just a man,
The Lord warrants you to be ambitious in knowing his master plan.

To seek a higher level and euphoric state of mind,
You always tend to do this while remaining gentle and so kind.

To see the gentleness in you is a true reflection of what's inside of me,
In the way the Lord ordained that every mask be removed from both of thee.

There is room for understanding as the Lord provides us our reprieves,
That both of us are delicate in nature and hoping the other never leaves.

To search for so long almost giving up on faith and love,
The Lord saw that it was nearing and sent it down from above.

To make the way possible for both of us to see,
That in life I belong to you and in still you belong to me.

Forever indebted to the Lord for what is given unto thee,
We'll see this through together and prevail happily.


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