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 "Help me…to help Us"
I am stuck at this point and do not know which way to go,
In trying my best hoping that only the best prevail and will clearly show.

I honestly do not know how to love you any better,
Overcoming all the obstacles we've been through in all the stormy weather.

I see you starting to drift away from me,
It is hard to accept when you say you don't care and seems like you want to be free.

My only hope is that you will find your way home as it's been so long,
In the meantime my heart continues breaking and I wish this pain was gone.

I'm reaching out to you asking that you hear me now,
I can't continue to scream or even let out a shout.

In the beginning I gave you grief over being so kind to thee,
I just never imagined someone having that much love deep inside for me.

I need you in my life now as much as I needed you then,
I am hoping that we can work through things so that our hearts will start to mend.

I understand that in the past I have been difficult but you continue to push me away,
I don't know of anything that I could do or that I could possibly say…

I don't wish that we could go back and change how things could be,
My only wish is that we could learn from our past and I will be more considerate of you and you to me.

I love you so much and want our future to grow,
Help me find the way before the devil wins and we see the lowest of the low.

You live so deep inside me that sometimes it's hard for you to see,
That all of the pain you're in it also resides inside of thee.

Can you find it in your heart not to shut me out or push me away?
I need you to let me know that your heart is with me and that's where it will stay.

All alone when you're not around I can hear every sound,
My heart begins to beat and I hear it pound and pound.

You are more than everything that I ever dreamed of,
I've stated this before that God sent you to me from above.

I truly hope that you can forgive anything done in the past,
For I look to our future and do not see any shadows that may have cast.

With that being said, I will let you find your way,
I love you even more today than I did the very first day.

You're in my heart and that's where you'll stay,
You'll always be the only one and only God can help you understand what I say…


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