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 “The Lord's Will”
My whole life, I wondered who it would be…when would it happen and where would I be?
Who would it be to make the deepest impact and fill the abundant desires within me…?
I was lost for so long I started to forget the root of myself and focused on my inner flaws,
By accepting you into my life you've allowed me to find myself again…so stand tall and hear the applause.

At times you pose the question if I am still in love with you,
What you do not understand is that my love is undeniably true.
Without you, I still exist but not nearly as bright and resilient as with you by my side,
It's been a long and winding road dealing with the insecurities and my pride.

You have brought the strength of faith back into my life,
Realizing now that it is why God brought you to me and thus in turn made me your wife.
The past is what it is and we both cannot change a thing,
In knowing that we've both made mistakes we have to be accepting and none the less forgiving.

The light that shines so bright within is merely a reflection of the honorable love I have for you,
Truth be told, when God speaks to me I see into your heart through and through.
In seeing the error of my ways, I know that I have hurt you so deeply within,
I vow to trust, honor and communicate with you as to not do that again.

You must let down your guard, in order for you to understand what and who you are to me,
Know that I am here for you and only you; to have and to hold until death separates thee.
“Old fashioned” in the sense of marriage and family is what tends to make me overbearing,
Honoring our love, commitment and unity this is all a part of our life sharing.

Honor, Respect and Trust the meaning of these three things I did not know,
Through the experience of time these are all things that I have now been shown.
I have the greatest admiration as we walk through life as one,
In life our time was set before it had ever begun.

I saw you faceless in my dreams and in sporadic visions of life,
The devil made me run from you thus trying to eliminate my position as your wife.
Through my life's experience I see it time and time again,
As the circumstances of your life changed I was searching for that man within.

Drawn to those around me who appeared to be similar but missing what was not there,
I kept myself in a place that was guarded and did not give all of myself to share.
As you are the one that I was meant for and I have given myself to thee,
Always and not a second less than forever is what our marriage means to me…



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