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 “Once more…”
Wondering why things are so hard for us to see,
I am speaking of the issues between you and me.
The bottom line is that I love you,
And I hope that you love me too.

Wanting more in life with you by my side,
I constantly battle with my pride.
I know that I am good and I know that I am true,
I have always been that way even before we said, “I do.”

We have been through so much to just let it slip away,
I ask that we focus on us each and every day.
Try not to be harsh or judgmental out of love,
The gift of our union is a blessing from above.

I found you as my husband as you made me your wife,
We have been given the greatest gift of creating this thing called: “LIFE”.
I vowed to be yours, as you vowed to be mine,
To watch the sunset and then see the morning sun shine.

As each day may pass I know I do not say it enough,
I know you have my back and should not call your bluff.
To be by my side and be treated in such regard,
I do not blame you for the detachment and total disregard.

In wanting to see you happy is that possible I ask?
Can we move forward into a day where we both put behind the past?
Do we love one another to the inner most depths of the heart?
Is there any possibility of having a brand new start?

We both have to commit fully to the God given marriage plan,
To take each other closely starting with hand in hand.
I love you with every breath and memorize every bit your face,
To the feel the warmth and the comfort of the arms I seek to embrace.

You are everything to me and I cannot stand to see you upset,
Anything that I have to do with that causes me much regret.
I hope that you see that this is an apology,
This is strictly something deserving to you not from just anyone but especially from ME.


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