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 “Life's Forgery and …”
It's in knowing that you lie that hurts me the most,
It turns my world upside down and creates an internal ghost.
A ghost that in turn collects all the various lies,
Each time neglecting to retreat utterly to my surprise…

A piece of me is lost with each and every lie,
I try to understand and fail with every tear that fills my eye.
If I am truly not what your heart wants, why stay and break my heart,
The lies are destroying me as I told you they would from the start…

I know that I am your wife, but it feels more like a title than a union of the heart,
I don't want to know life without you but at times it's like we're already a part.
You come and you go as you would very well please,
How am I to know that I am all that's in your heart when you lie with such ease?

Can you live in reality with no lies that are told to me?
Would you be considerate of my feelings so that both of us can see?
If you've moved on with someone else, please let the truth be told,
If for all time it is not your intention to forever have and to hold…

I've come so far for you to let me push you away,
It's just that I no longer know exactly what to say.
I can't live with all the lies as they destroy me bit by bit,
I only wish I hadn't pushed and caused this little split.

I love you more than you will ever know,
Even more than I have ever let the essence of me show.
The love I have for you represents the best part of me,
How do I get your heart to see every bit of thee?

With time I hope that you will see,
Exactly what our love means to me.
Can you be all that you say?
This is for which I pray every day…


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