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A whisper of daybreak glimpsed through the slats of white window shutters
Cosily wrapped in her bed with dreams fading to a disquieting end
She rolled over slowly, automatically anticipating the shock to befall.

A gentle ping, raging to a deafening, ear numbing bell, shook the air
Time to greet the new day where work pointed its ugly finger and beckoned
Bed clothes flew back and she stretched outwards and lowered soft feet to the floor.

A mug of black coffee in one hand, she surveyed the view from kitchen panes
The breeze tapped overhanging branches and flowered confetti swept the morn
Her first smile appeared as she watched tulips nodding in coiffed garden beds.

The shower's blast of hot water hit her neck and her mind skipped through soap suds
Hair brushed, laces tied, she ventured the riotous colours thrown from stained glass
Pulling the door quietly to its lock behind her.  Off to face the new day.

An unusually unremarkable shift at work and the evening was to belong to her
Friends planned to meet and eat.  A movie maybe: or drinks
While two well-dressed girls arrived at the appointed venue.  Where was she?

Busy traffic?  Smudged make-up?  Unexpected phone call that had delayed her?
They sat with their hands warming two glasses of chilled white wine,
And waited and waited.  And waited.

The world is missing a beautiful young woman who vanished into clouds
No trace of her to this day.
Friends weep openly.  Parents wring their hands in desolation.

How can the earth have swallowed up this shy lady?
Days slip into nights and they wait with pained anxiety.
What can have happened?

She's gone........

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